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I published the Audio Journalz of Europe Tour 1992 and Greece Tour 1993 on eSnips .

These Audio Journalz could not be so interesting to you if you have not been one of us in 1992 or 1993, because you will not find very relevant info about places we visited but you will only find explicit lyrics and goliardic situations under alcohol effects.

If you would like to have tips about places I visited, try check tripz section on my site.

Audio Journalz access is limited to the eSnips users I approve for privacy reasons about audio contents, but you can easily join them (for free).

You have to insert a comment to this post specifying your e-mail address (that will not be visible), so I can add you to the membres of the Audio Journalz folders. You need to join eSnips for free to access to Audio Journalz (they don’t pay me for this).

P.S. I choose eSnips because I can have more control on invitations to shared folders for free. For example on, that is a good storage site, you can’t avoid that a viewer of a shared folder invites someone else, whereas an eSnips option ( ‘Don’t allow other members to invite new members’) lets the control on invitations to the owner.



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