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With Flickr you can edit metadata tags of uploaded photos but you
can’t sync them with the original pics for now.

So, before uploading pics onto Flickr, I suggest to you to:

  • Resize your pics for web use. I use batch script processing of Corel Paint Shop Pro.
  • Add IPTC tags. I use Microsoft Photo Info. The main tags are:
    • Object Name (Title). This will be the title of your pic on Flickr (e.g. Santorini )
    • Caption/Abstract (Description). This will be the description of your pic on Flickr (e.g. view of Red Beach)
    • Keywords. They are semi-colon separated strings used for searching (e.g.: gomezdegomera;”red beach”;santorini)
  • If your photos are not taken by a digital camera or you forgot to set the current date, add EXIF Date Time Original tag to your pics (tag ID 36867), so Flickr can show the correct taken date. I use the quick Exif Editor and not the odd adjust option of Microsoft Photo Info. Use the format YYYY:MM:DD hh:mm:ss and don’t forget the time!
  • Add EXIF geo tags. I use the Picasa Google Earth integration
  • Upload pics onto Flickr but first remember to enable EXIF geo tag parsing


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